Why Outsource your Billing

Outsourcing your medical billing and accounts receivables management will reduce your overhead while decreasing the claim payment turn around time. Our specialized services are focused on one goal – maximizing medical provider reimbursement.

Access to Greater Resources
For practices of any size, medical billing tools and resources are often difficult to maintain.  With the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding medical coding, billing and reimbursement, outsourcing this function to a billing company focused solely on getting your claims paid without the distractions associated with in-house billing.

We have a proven track record of maximizing revenue for our practices.  Starting with proper coding and clean billing we reduce our denial rates from the start.  Aggressive insurance follow-up and appeals ensures that no revenue is lost.  We will keep you informed of your practices health with management reports and customized reports upon request at any time.

Manage Staffing Concerns
Hiring, managing and successfully maintaining quality staff for your practice is difficult.  Are billing staff members experts in their field?  What happens if your billing specialist leaves?  Where does that leave you?  Are you sure they have the knowledge and resources required to serve you in a way that maximizes revenues?  Do they stay on top of the rules, regulations, trends and codes?  Are they utilizing systems properly and following up aggressively on all those outstanding claims?

Outsourcing your medical billing and reimbursement management helps eliminate these questions and uncertainties while ensuring you have experts handling your finances.

Cost Effectiveness
Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC provides solutions in a manner which is exceptionally cost effective.  Many expenses normally associated with the billing cycle (such as staff, systems, hardware, maintenance, postage, EDI, paper, etc.) are all covered by our one service plan.  And since the costs are in direct proportion to your actual income, if you make less you pay less or make more, pay more.  This structure allows you to combine integrated cost centers into one easily budgeted amount while maximizing revenue.

We strive to provide you with up-to-date financial, patient and system data in order for you to maintain control over your practice.  Additionally, there are checks and balances in place which ensure both internal and external security and compliance.

How much is your time worth?  Does managing your office billing staff take time from your patient care?  If not, are they being managed properly in a way that ensures maximum revenues?

Our services not only make good business sense, but they also provide you with a peace of mind and a substantial reduction in the day to day aggravations relating to systems, billing, insurance, managing or employee-related concerns and obligations.

Using Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC to assist with your reimbursement and practice management can increase financial performance, increase practice stability, and eliminate the associated headaches.